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Artist Statement

Quantum Works

Quantum mechanics describe how a particle has multiple concurrent states of being; these quantum works present simultaneous options of an image. They ask you to question your initial perceptions, to see beyond what is first communicated between the eyes and the brain. In this way, these works reflect how each person inhabits their own universe and sees their own reality. Challenging one’s perceptions is a way to see beyond one’s own universe. Quantum viewing shows multiple realities as one.

The works’ cloud forms speak to how humans seek to form sense within chaos. The sky offers countless, ever-changing suggestions of images; early humans looked to the sky and saw gods, which helped them make sense of their world. Changing perception, faces, clouds: these quantum works use the same raw material that formed our minds, legends, and myths, and use them to present the inner workings of the universe. 

Artist Bio

Justin Auld was born and raised in Vermont and has been living and working in Portland since 2000. Art has always been an integral part of his identity. He has been creating drawings and paintings since he was able to hold a pencil. He received a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 and then gained proficiency in digital art from 6 years working as a professional graphic designer in Boston and Portland. In 2005 he earned an MFA in Studio Arts from Portland State University which led him to branch into many different forms of art including video, installation, and conceptual art. His work explores the connection between art and the brain’s tendency to find images in random patterns.


2005 | Portland State University | MFA in studio arts
1996 | Rhode Island School of Design | BFA in illustration

Exhibition History


2019 | Beeswing Cafe | Quantum Paintings
2018 | Palio Cafe | Quantum Paintings
2018 | Beeswing Cafe | Quantum Paintings
2018 | Bridgeport Brewpub Heritage Room | Quantum Paintings
2017 | Gallery at the Jupiter | Quantum Paintings
2016 | Panacea Art Gallery | Quantum Paintings
2014 | East Side Exchange Art Gallery | Quantum Paintings
2013 | Water Avenue Commerce Center Gallery | Mixed Pastoral Work
2011 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | Quantum Paintings
2011 | Bridgeport Brewery | Assorted Artwork
2010 | Vault Martini | Recent Quantum Paintings and Drawings (Jan-March 2010)
2009 | Bridgeport Brewery | Recent Quantum Paintings (Sept 10th - Oct 31st)
2009 | Common Grounds | Pastoral Paintings and Quantum Drawings
2009 | Vault Martini | Paint Chip Portraits
2007 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | 144 Crayon Drawing show
2007 | Vault Martini | Recent Quantum Paintings and Drawings
2006 | Academy Theater | recent paintings and stills from video installation
2006 | City of Portland | Portland Collage project - citywide installation
2005 | MK Gallery at PSU | "choice" MFA Thesis show
2004 | Student Lounge, Art Building at PSU | "God project installation"
2001 | Stumptown coffee | recent paintings
2000 | Bitter End Pub | "Rusty Grommets & Abnormalities"


2021 | UVA Artworks Northwest Biennial - Show Catalogue
2021 | March - Guardino Gallery with Kelly Neidig & Adrienne Eliades
2021 | A Generous Kingdom | Verum Ultimum Gallery | Press info
2020 | Portland Open Studio Tour Virtual Edition
2020 | 7th Annual Living Mark show | Verum Ultimum Gallery
2019 | KBOO First Friday Art Walk with Amy Kuttab
2018 | Ford Gallery | Wax Water Oil with Karl Kaiser
2017 | Portland Open Studio Tour
2015 | Big 500 Show | People's Gallery Pioneer Place
2015 | Portland Open Studio Tour
2014 | Portland Open Studio Tour
2013 | Portland Open Studio Tour
2009 | Autzen Gallery at PSU | "OUTLOOK" Currated by James Yood
2009 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | Currated "It's the Little Things"
2008 | Grand Central Building | Video group show
2006 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | Faculty show | Juror's choice award
2006 | Center Space Gallery | "Creatures" w/ Kelly Kallicoat
2005 | Dean's Gallery at PSU | Faculty and MFA sculpture
2004 | Autzen Gallery at PSU | "Dialogue" Joint show with South Korea
2004 | VU Gallery Western Washington University | "Monsters"
2004 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | Faculty show
2004 | Autzen Gallery at PSU | "Slices" MFA 1st year group show
2003 | Art Institute of Portland Art Gallery | "The Winter Exhibit"