These drawings stem from the approach I developed for the quantum paintings. Each drawing starts with a "subconscious" attack of medium on a surface. The marks create a fertile landscape from which imagery may be pulled. I find that I borrow techniques from artists ranging from Jackson Pollock to Bryce Martin. Drips, scrapes, pours, and splattering all play into the foundation of the drawings.
   From the foundation I find images suggested in the random marks, turning the drawings in every direction and building forms as they appear.  The quality of expression and variation are often more beautiful and engaging than anything that I could create consciously. The more of my hand that I leave out, the more intense the suggested images. I feel in this sense a certain tapping of the forces of the universe. Nature creates the most beautiful forms that we can only aspire to mimic in the crudest sense. The final drawings offer a look into the inner workings of the universe. Without our connection to how we interpret energy and mass we are left with a maelstrom that we attempt to "solidify" through the eyes and brain.
Kandinsky was also intrigued by this idea and his abstract work explores the realm of disconnected energy, the pieces meant to prepare the viewer for what it would be like to have no physical strapping or connection as we know it.